FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista have a solution for each moving problem whether it’s moving, packing or storage. With our storage units service, you can store your possessions- whether household, personal or connected to the business.
It is your storage, and only you can get access to it. You can visit it as often you want or on a daily basis. It’s yours and your choice. We value your privacy.


Personal reasons:

  • clearing the property
  • moving house
  • decluttering room
  • renovation of your living area or office
  • moving abroad or traveling
  • you are living in a hostel and needs extra storage.

Business reasons:

Our company storage service allows our client to get the free space in their offices. And it prevents your office from overspill for stocks equipment or tools.

  • Save your files archives at these units
  • It provides an accessible and safe place for tools and equipment
  • give more room for merchandise and stock
  • you can place your furniture at the time of office renovation or move.

The team of FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista will discuss with you about your requirements and situation and guide you about the best unit.

Why choose our storage units?

  • Our storage is situated at the accessible location.
  • 24/7 access
  • It is safe and secure
  • No minimum stay
  • any budget, any size
  • expert advice online

Have your own space

At some point in life, you need extra space. FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista storage units are the perfect solution to reduce the stress of moving and renovation or to add some order in your professional and personal life.

Your items are secured

Peace of mind is when your valuable possessions are in a secure and safe place. Do you know ours have a CCTV camera in each unit? We have doubled the security with perimeter fencing, pin and code security.

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