Local moving service
FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista establish a certified moving company. Today our company is recognized as a leading company in this industry.   We provide all moving services from loading to unloading, packing to unpacking and full storage unit.


Our local moving services

FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista providing fast,stress-free and safe local moving & storage. We have proven that we are the top choice when it comes to hiring local movers.
we specialize in all types of local moving services, and our moving teams are professionally trained to handle any situation.

Our moving team will load your furniture, boxes, and other belongings on the truck and then carefully unload and place it where you want. We know how to load each stuff whether its electronic gadgets, computer, furniture and more. We know every move is different, and two moves never are the same, this is the reason why we offer a variety of local moving services. Our company tailors your every moving service.

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FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista have a solution for each moving problem whether it’s moving, packing or storage. With our storage units service, you can store your possessions- whether household, personal or connected to the business.
It is your storage, and only you can get access to it. You can visit it as often you want or on a daily basis. It’s yours and your choice. We value your privacy.

Why do you need home storage solutions?

Personal reasons:

  • clearing the property
  • moving house
  • decluttering room
  • renovation of your living area or office
  • moving abroad or traveling
  • you are living in a hostel and needs extra storage.

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Are packing and unpacking seems a headache to you? We understand sometimes it is not at all a pleasant job to go along with moving stress. You do not want to unpack and pack your items by your self, this is why you should let FullSpectrum Movers Chula Vista do this job for you!
Our company offers various packing and unpacking services to suit client needs. Look at our services and pick the one which suits you the best.

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Our employees are polite and well manners


Your possession; and belongings in the storage units are in safe hand, you can trust us when comes to storage and moving.

Customer service

One satisfied customer brings a thousand more customers. To us, our clients are a priority.

On time

Our team will be at your place at a scheduled time because we value time.

Courteous staff

Our employees are polite and well manners and drug check.


Most of you prefered to move and pack by yourself because of cost and ended up in damaging your personal belongings.